Confessions of a Bibliophile: An Introduction

I must write

I remember it was during my 2nd year in high school (I was around 14 at that time) that I first developed this love for writing.

The reader in me

Honestly, I was such a nerd when I was in school because, as all of us have experienced, I felt the need to excel to make others proud of me. Aside from the pressure I get from expectant relatives, I also felt the need to belong. As usual, I was not good with reaching out to people before. I felt really trapped at where I lived at that time. But looking back, one of the things that really helped me get through those tough times is my love for reading. The first few books that I read, that greatly made an influence to me and consequently to my writing, are the Harry Potter series (of course), The Alchemist and By the river Piedra I sat down and wept (both by my soul author Paulo Coelho), and some Nicholas Sparks novels.

Do you get how you just get lost in the pages and feel like jumping in it, like “Please let me live in your world..” Haha you make think I am crazy but it is true. Yes,I did bury myself in books. I did lock out myself from this world, at least for a few hours, and let my imagination grow wild as I flicked through the pages. It just gets better and better.

Back to reality

Well, I did know my limit because we all got the real world to deal with. In life, as I clearly emphasized and recognized in my previous posts, suffering or pain is a natural part of it. But these books really helped me get through. It’s so amazing how these stories change the way you think  about life itself. For example, I love Harry Potter so much because I get him. I feel compassion for him because I also lived with my relatives almost my whole life. I got very inspired by these books and it made me think that life is not really that bad after all. It made me realize that we all go through shit at times, but in the long run, everything will be exactly as it’s supposed to be.

And that sparked my love for writing. Like my most loved authors, Coelho, Collins, Grisham, Meyer, Rowling, Sparks, to name a few, I want to inspire the world through my writing. Because of this strong belief that I have that books can really change lives, though one person at a time, and could eventually spread across the world and multiply, I wanted to be a writer.

Domino effect

That is why I am so thankful for this blog, and hopefully to all my readers and followers, for giving me a chance to spread my thoughts about this amazing life that was given to us. It’s a domino effect, I read and get inspired by someone. Then, because of this inspiration I hold, I write, also hoping that someone would get inspired by my words. Eventually, that one person can share his or her blessings to others too, through sharing my words and also write their own.

So my advice to everyone: read, read, and read some more!

(But don’t forget to write as well…and live. Haha)

Please tune in for the next part of this series. Thank you so much for reading!


es, I did lock myself from the real world and I got to places where I never went before.


Before I go to sleep…

Okay, so tomorrow I start my first day at Uni. I must say that O-Week was really fun! I really commend those who organized it because as a result, based on my experience, I got a glimpse of what Uni life is about. But thinking about it, I realize how this is just the first step. And I am so excited!

Have a good night everyone! xx

Late night thoughts, anyone?


Looking at this picture makes me realize how A LOT of things had happened in the past 19 years. Believe it or not, some of them made me not want to believe in life anymore…and some just taken the crap out of me. The world was, and remains to be, scary after all.

But looking back, despite what has happened, I am here ain’t I? I am happy to say that I’ve come to the point where I accept pain as a natural part of life. It just came into full circle now. It is not part of the complexities of life but is simply a process  I had to go through in order to appreciate it even more. Indeed, suffering is unavoidable but it is our perception of it that makes life different from everyone around us. We can always choose the life we want to live. 

And that is the greatest gift that God has given us. ❤️


Studying in Australia: The process of getting there


Ever since I was little, I always dreamed of studying abroad. Now that is has come true for me, I just want to share to you how easy the process was and how you can do it too!


September 8: Having the idea

This was the day I decided that I wanted to study in Australia. I asked my Mom about it and she was very encouraging. She told me to ask Tita Nelda, a close family friend who is living in Brisbane, about how her niece applied. She recommended that I asked the institution IDP which is located in Makati. My Mom and I called the institution and immediately booked for an appointment with one of their student advisors.

September 12: Acting on that idea

We met up with Mr Roldan, my advisor, in the IDP office in Makati. He gave me the list of requirements needed so that I could study abroad. I commend the staff here because they were so much helpful—and it’s all for free!

October 17-18: Taking the English exam

Though I mentioned that IDP’s services were free, I had to pay for the IELTS though. It took me one month before I could take my IELTS because of delays in the processing of my new passport. NOTE: The passport is vital in order to sit the exams. I remember having a flu days before the exam to the point that I can’t even stand up! But then I thought how much the IELTS exam was (which is around P 9,000) and this dream that I have of studying I went for it and did the exam. There are four parts of the IELTS: speaking, reading, listening, and writing.The first one was a speaking exam, which was a one-on-one interview with one of the IELTS’ senior officer, took place in a building near the IDP office on the 17th.  The listening, reading, and writing part of the exam was held at Dusit Thani Hotel on October 18.

November 1: Exam result

The results come out after 13 days. I was able to check the exam result online and thankfully, I got a 7.0 out of 9.0 overall band!!!

November 4: Submitting application forms

I submitted my application form and other requirements like my college TOR and IELTS test result to Griffith University via IDP. I just handed out all of the requirements to a representative at the IDP office and they are responsible for processing it.

November 7: Getting accepted at Griffith University

The day I got my acceptance letter from Griffith University! I was astonished at how fast it was.

December 9: Paying the tuition fee

Paid my first semester tuition fee and Student Health insurance via Bank Transfer at Asia United Bank. You could use any other bank of choice. We paid around $13,000 which includes the 1st semester tuition fee and health insurance which covers my whole stay at Griffith University.

December 12: Receiving the Confirmation of Enrollment

Got my Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) via email from Mr. Roldan needed for the student visa application. It is one of the requirements of the Australian government which means without the deposit, you cannot apply for the student visa.

December 18: Lodging my student visa application

Lodged my student visa application with help from IDP. I submitted the complete requirements to them and they are the ones who processed it.

January 6: Visa granted

After less than a month, I received my multiple entry student visa! Hooray! 🙂 It’s only a paper won’t really be a sticker in your passport. I think you could ask for one but it’s a bit expensive.

January 18


I am currently conditioning my mind with the life I am about to have in Australia. Since I’ll be living away from my family, I know I’ve got to be stronger and I’ve got to work harder. It’s a good thing that I will be living with Tita Nelda, who is also a Filipino, because I know that she could help me adapt quicker.

I am about to book my plane ticket by next week and I just realized how my time is ticking. I really have no idea what to do before I leave.

So that’s it! That was a timeline of how I got to studying in Australia! 🙂 If you have any questions, feel free to comment! Thank you guys and I hope this helped you in reaching out for that dream of yours.

Good luck! ❤ -M