Dreamers cannot be tamed.

I cannot truly express how in love I am with the words of Paulo Coelho.

In order to hear Love’s words, you must allow Love to approach.
However, when it does draw near, we fear what it might say to us, because Love is free and is not ruled by our will or by what we do.
All lovers know this, but refuse to accept it. They think they can seduce Love through submission, power, beauty, wealth, tears and smiles.

True Love, however, is the love that seduces and will never allow itself to be seduced.

Love transforms, love heals.

We are used to thinking that what we give is the same as what we receive, but people who love, expecting to be loved in return, are wasting their time.

Love is an act of faith, not an exchange.

Contradictions are what make love grow. Conflicts are what allow love to remain by our side.

Life is too short for us to keep important words, for example, ‘I love you’, locked in our hearts.

Why was it hard to say I love you?

Hello blog :) After 3 months of not posting, I finally had time to at least update you. Happy New Year to everyone! (Actually, this is a draft for an unposted blog last October; it’s just now that I’ve got the chance to publish this) HAHAHA!
It is true! So many things have changed. The quote above, well, it is so BEAUTIFUL. Coelho has captured the words so clearly. Anyway, 2012 was a blast! A lot of things had happened. 2012 was the year that I graduated from high school, I became a college student, and experienced love for the first time (romantic love, of course). Along with the uphill, there were downsides to 2012. But even though, I’m still happy. These experiences, well, they make us who we are. Despite the challenges that I had to face last year, I have no regrets in what I’ve done. Looking back, I am really inspired to be better than I was last year.
That is why, I am making this oath. And I invite everyone as well. :)
“I, (state your beautiful name), will vow to better than I was last year.”
It is up to you what goals you want to achieve this year. I recommend writing them on a piece of colored paper and paste them somewhere that you can always see, just so you’ll be reminded of it. Another option is to write it in your journal. I wrote mine on my 2013 journal, and am excited on accomplishing these goals.
Well, that is all for now guys. And always remember; No matter how small or big your dream might be, you CAN achieve it. With the right attitude and hard work, certainly you can! Find your purpose and keep dreaming. ❤

Author: Monique

Born a Filipino but I am currently in Australia studying Bachelor of Commerce. I have this passion for writing inspirational material because I need it myself. Writing is my kind of therapy. Inspire

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