What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

I asked him for space.

What is he thinking right now? I hope he’s not sad or anything. I asked for it, not because I don’t want him anymore. I just need to do some thinking on my own. I just need to reassess as to where I stand from here and now. I need to see myself again, to be independent, and do things on my own, just like I always do.

When he came into my life, everything changed. Whatever it is I’m lacking, he fulfilled. He is the rain to my drought, the sunshine to my rainy days, and the sweetness to my bitterness. I love him more than he’ll ever know. I just need him to understand that I need this right now. I need it, and it would be better for us two.

I am not saying goodbye.

I just need this time on my own.

I love you. I don’t want to lose you. Please stay and wait for a few days. I’ll come back the person I was the first day I met you.


Easier said than done

Hi there everyone! I was looking for an inspiration in what to write this month of February. And then oomph, there it is. Since it’s the 2nd month of the year, let’s ask ourselves: Are we doing our resolutions?

New me

I was able to do my resolutions, hmmm, partly I guess. Old habits do die hard. (Haha!) But I’m 100% willing to change those BAD habits. Lately I’ve been gaining weight because of eating too much, especially at night. It such a pleasure to just lie down on the bed and munch on my favorite snack. The only resolution that I’m having difficulties with is exercising thrice a week. Why is it so hard? :( Maybe because I love  reading and writing so much that all my ‘sporty genes’ are somehow lacking. I will try my best to complete my resolution!

On the other hand…


14 – Valentine’s Day

26 – My birthday

Valentine’s Day has passed and I must say I’ve enjoyed mine.


My guy gave me this rose. :”> I really really really love the color! It’s happy and vibrant, like me! I am not perfect though, I have times when I am so down and pessimistic and all that shizz. But still, when you look at me, I try to keep a smiling face kahit anong nangyare. That day I realized, you never really lose in loving. Love does conquer all. I am happy and thankful that he came into my life. What a great gift from God! So grateful.

Happy Birthday to Me

17. The age where Harry Potter defeated Lord Voldemort. It got me thinking: What amazing thing will I do now that I am turning 17?

Dye your hair red

That’s the first thing that popped into my mind because I was really planning on it, before my birthday and all. New look, new me, new perspective, etc etc. But wait, that’s not really amazing isn’t it? Well, at least it’s a start. :) Changing my hair color would make me feel the new me. Then the other things would soon follow.

Such an unorganized post but I hope you like it. :) Loving Birdy’s cover of Skinny Love. ❤ Do listen to her, she’s such a dear. Will update again very soon!