Soulmates? :)


While searching for this picture, I saw a loooot of kpop photos. It really does bring back the memories when I was still head-over-hills for Korean pop superstars.


Well, if he’s this handsome, who wouldn’t? πŸ˜‰

Anyway, back to what I want to discuss with ye people out there. It is the topic about how do you know that you’ve found your true soulmate?

I can’t live, if living is without you.

Being the feminist that I am, I don’t really like this song before. But regarding this topic, I think this holds true for love. I was daydreaming into the future where I would fall in love, get hurt, and fall in love again…and the cycle would go on. But in the end, I would find my soul mate, the one who I’ll die with, the one I can’t live without. Like this feeling that he is too important to you that you can’t imagine a life without him. He doesn’t just love you and say it, he does it. He wants you to be better and you also want him to better in return.

Love is sharing, not giving.

I believe this is true. In love, you don’t give up or sacrifice anything. Because you have enough love inside of you, it will radiate outwards and therefore, you can share it with others. You must be full enough, loving enough, strong enough, etc. to be able to love another completely. Coming from a broken family myself, I am aware of all the ruined marriages, fast relationships, and the like. All of these rooted from one thing: We don’t love ourselves enough that is why we try to fill that lack from another person. We try to get it from them, that love, that sense of fulfillment, but in truth, these things should come from ourselves. Let us not be vampires in a relationship. Please.

Hopeless romantic

I might be saying all these things but disclaimer! I am not an expert with regards to love. I may just be in love with the thought of love itself. I’m not even in love. But one sure thing about me is I am trying to love myself even more. To know myself even more, improve myself, and nurture myself. So when the time comes for me to love somebody else, I am ready. Ready to share all my love for that person. πŸ˜‰


What do you think guys? Feel free to comment, and don’t forget to like and reblog! :)) Thank you and have a wonderful week ahead!


Author: Monique

Born a Filipino but I am currently in Australia studying Bachelor of Commerce. I have this passion for writing inspirational material because I need it myself. Writing is my kind of therapy. Inspire

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