That feeling when you want to do a lot of things, but realize soon enough that you can’t have it all. It’s a master plan, a plan to rule us all. A jack of all trades and a master of none, yes, I am one of them. But listen, isn’t it better? The only fault is, you’ll risk putting more time and energy for one thing, you don’t even know which to prioritize. You’ll start thinking..”What have I gotten myself into?” At that moment, you start to look up. Pray, and hope the winds turn the lashing away from you. Hope. And then taking a deep breath, you continue again on that unbounded journey you’ve set up for yourself. You realize, it was all worthwile.


passing out


Author: Monique

Born a Filipino but I am currently in Australia studying Bachelor of Commerce. I have this passion for writing inspirational material because I need it myself. Writing is my kind of therapy. Inspire

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