In my past entries, I always talked about positive-thinking, love, personal life, etc. But now, I want to discuss with you a topic that many of us take for granted really.


It could be the littlest of things, really.


Before, I felt like there was a hole inside of me. I felt incomplete. Now don’t get me wrong okay, I’m not good in preaching stuff but I just want to say that God filled that void in me. I’m grateful that I realized it soon enough, that He is there. He was with me all along and for that I am grateful.

Honestly, I was afraid of life.  I hated how broken my family was. I hated how I am not beautiful enough.I hated my life. I hated how I can’t afford this. My heart was full of hatred then. Then one day, out of confusion and desperation, I finally had the urge to talk to God.

“God, I need You.”

It was during my 2nd year in high school that I was able to know God more in a personal level. Before my perspective was that, I only pray to Him when I need something. But now, God is like a best friend to me. Someone Whom I can talk to about anything, my dreams, my goals, even my problems and insecurities, I lift it all up to Him. After that day, everything changed. I still experience difficulties in my life until now, but I decided to look beyond these things because I know God will always be there for me. I trust Him that this is His plan, and all I could do is surrender and just live life according to His word. Brothers and sisters, that made me the grateful being I am today. I was able to see that goodness of life that He has prepared for me. Just being able to wake up for another day, breath, eat, meet awesome people, laugh, see the sunshine, feel the air, everything. It is all a blessing for me.

That is why my friends, let us practice gratefulness. 🙂 I hope you learn for my experience. Try to know God even more if you don’t know Him yet. I’m sure it will be worth it. 😉

~God’s shepherd



Author: Monique

Born a Filipino but I am currently in Australia studying Bachelor of Commerce. I have this passion for writing inspirational material because I need it myself. Writing is my kind of therapy. Inspire

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