SMO BEST 2K14 #tbw

Some of the Editorial Boards of the different Student Media Groups (Ang Pahayagang Plaridel, The Lasallian, Malate Literary Folio, Green and White, and Green Giant FM) with Ms. Ella, Ms. Deng, and Sir Randy.
The Editorial Boards of the different Student Media Groups (Ang Pahayagang Plaridel, The Lasallian, Malate Literary Folio, Green and White, and Green Giant FM) with Ms. Ella, Ms. Deng, and Sir Randy.

During my summer break, I was able to attend a team-building seminar in Laguna. I don’t know why but this chilly Wednesday night (and no classes tomorrow) compelled me to reminisce on this wonderful experience with these wonderful people.

Red Bull, buffet, butts, karaoke, etc. are just one of the words that pops into my mind whenever of BEST 2K14. But let me tell you the most important thing I’ve learned from the 3 days and 2 nights I’ve been with these people.

You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back. – Barbare de Angelis

Well, no, not the romantic kind of love really. It is the kind of love you have for life. Segwaying back into the past, I was always the girl who let the opportunities pass by because I was too scared to even try. I was afraid what others would think of me if I do this. In other words, I lived up to what people thought of me: nerdy, grade-conscious, and shy. I made sure that lived up to what they say I am. In the process, I got sad and depressed. You know that feeling that you cannot come out? Like there is something in your chest but you cannot express it? The feeling was like that. So instead of shining, I crumbled up in a little corner, afraid to show who I really am.

Now that I am in college, I told myself that it had to stop. I cannot do this to myself anymore. So the first step I did was to join an organization. In doing so, I have gotten the chance to showcase my skills and capabilities. I am glad that I’ve joined organizations because in the process, I found myself. Sure it was not comfortable at first. Who wants to trade eat, study, sleep, repeat with stress, no sleep, and hunger? No one, of course. But heck, I took the risk anyway! As the diagram illustrates, it is where “all the magic happens.” I must say that it is true. It is outside our comfort zone that we are able to grow and learn.Β 


Let go

Linking these thoughts to my experience at SMO BEST 2K14, it was an opportunity where I and the rest of the Student Media Group officers had to go outside our respective comfort zones. Once we arrived at the place, I was always with the people in my organization because I did not know the other officers from the other groups. But to my surprise, during the last day, I was a bit sad that we all had to part ways. I realized that if I had not let go and just stayed inside my comfort zone, I would not be able to meet such amazing people. By letting go, I welcomed learning and new experiences into my life.


Easier said than done

Okay, so I know this won’t be an easy road to take. It’s okay, we aren’t perfect. I also struggle to do this at times. But just being aware of the things you want to change in yourself is already a big leap compared to not even bothering to think about it. We sometimes do not feel like doing it. The comfort zone is comfortable after all! That is why it is called that. I know a perfect trick that would help you fight that. Think of everything you do in life as a choice. You control your own life because of your choices. If you do not show up to that meeting with a potential collaborator for your business, it is your choice. If you do not get up because you are too tired to exercise, it is your choice. If you do not review for your Finals because you spent time with your friends, it is ALL YOUR CHOICE. The importance of every decision you make, like ripples, will affect every aspect of your life. So do not go off blaming others why you can’t do this, you can’t do that. Again, it is a matter of our choices.




Author: Monique

Born a Filipino but I am currently in Australia studying Bachelor of Commerce. I have this passion for writing inspirational material because I need it myself. Writing is my kind of therapy. Inspire

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