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The Green Lake (Grüner See) of Styria, Austria

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Grüner See, Austria

Located near the tiny mountain village of Tragöß, Austria, the Green Lake is a seasonal lake that comes from the collection of snow melt in the large valley between the Karst Mountains. In the winters, the valley is simply a green park with hiking trails, plants and trees and park benches. During the summer, when the winter snows begin to melt, the runnoff from all that melting snow collects in this valley, creating a temporary lake.

The waters of the lake are not green, they are actually crystal clear and some of the cleanest waters anywhere in the world. The Green Lake gets its name from the very green grasses in the park which can be seen perfectly through the clear waters. Depths of the lake vary, depending on the amount of snow the surrounding areas got in the past winter, but the average depth is 2-12 Meters.

Grüner See, Austria

Scuba Diving…

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Finding Pleasure and Joy In God’s Presence

My Spiritual Breakfast


Many in society have adopted the philosophy that life should be a trouble free existence filled with ongoing pursuits of lustful pleasure. Is our time on earth meant to be a continuous party filled with inordinate and excessive pleasure? Does said pleasure seeking produce a satisfying and lasting joy?

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SMO BEST 2K14 #tbw

Some of the Editorial Boards of the different Student Media Groups (Ang Pahayagang Plaridel, The Lasallian, Malate Literary Folio, Green and White, and Green Giant FM) with Ms. Ella, Ms. Deng, and Sir Randy.
The Editorial Boards of the different Student Media Groups (Ang Pahayagang Plaridel, The Lasallian, Malate Literary Folio, Green and White, and Green Giant FM) with Ms. Ella, Ms. Deng, and Sir Randy.

During my summer break, I was able to attend a team-building seminar in Laguna. I don’t know why but this chilly Wednesday night (and no classes tomorrow) compelled me to reminisce on this wonderful experience with these wonderful people.

Red Bull, buffet, butts, karaoke, etc. are just one of the words that pops into my mind whenever of BEST 2K14. But let me tell you the most important thing I’ve learned from the 3 days and 2 nights I’ve been with these people.

You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back. – Barbare de Angelis

Well, no, not the romantic kind of love really. It is the kind of love you have for life. Segwaying back into the past, I was always the girl who let the opportunities pass by because I was too scared to even try. I was afraid what others would think of me if I do this. In other words, I lived up to what people thought of me: nerdy, grade-conscious, and shy. I made sure that lived up to what they say I am. In the process, I got sad and depressed. You know that feeling that you cannot come out? Like there is something in your chest but you cannot express it? The feeling was like that. So instead of shining, I crumbled up in a little corner, afraid to show who I really am.

Now that I am in college, I told myself that it had to stop. I cannot do this to myself anymore. So the first step I did was to join an organization. In doing so, I have gotten the chance to showcase my skills and capabilities. I am glad that I’ve joined organizations because in the process, I found myself. Sure it was not comfortable at first. Who wants to trade eat, study, sleep, repeat with stress, no sleep, and hunger? No one, of course. But heck, I took the risk anyway! As the diagram illustrates, it is where “all the magic happens.” I must say that it is true. It is outside our comfort zone that we are able to grow and learn. 


Let go

Linking these thoughts to my experience at SMO BEST 2K14, it was an opportunity where I and the rest of the Student Media Group officers had to go outside our respective comfort zones. Once we arrived at the place, I was always with the people in my organization because I did not know the other officers from the other groups. But to my surprise, during the last day, I was a bit sad that we all had to part ways. I realized that if I had not let go and just stayed inside my comfort zone, I would not be able to meet such amazing people. By letting go, I welcomed learning and new experiences into my life.


Easier said than done

Okay, so I know this won’t be an easy road to take. It’s okay, we aren’t perfect. I also struggle to do this at times. But just being aware of the things you want to change in yourself is already a big leap compared to not even bothering to think about it. We sometimes do not feel like doing it. The comfort zone is comfortable after all! That is why it is called that. I know a perfect trick that would help you fight that. Think of everything you do in life as a choice. You control your own life because of your choices. If you do not show up to that meeting with a potential collaborator for your business, it is your choice. If you do not get up because you are too tired to exercise, it is your choice. If you do not review for your Finals because you spent time with your friends, it is ALL YOUR CHOICE. The importance of every decision you make, like ripples, will affect every aspect of your life. So do not go off blaming others why you can’t do this, you can’t do that. Again, it is a matter of our choices.



Dream big!

I just woke up feeling very inspired. I wish to go to Australia and study there! After all, a good friend of my mom’s is a permanent resident there.

sydney opera houseI do not know why but I always felt like I am meant for something bigger. I’ve realized that this gift of life was given to us by God. Why can’t we desire big things for ourselves? This ultimate gift was given to us by God: the gift of having a choice.

From now on, I vow on erasing the negative stuff that fills my mind whenever I think of my dreams. Every day, I will focus on doing things that would help me in becoming that person.


So open your eyes and see.

I thought that my day could not get any worse.

I woke up feeling okay but I was bothered by the fact that I was not able to study that much for my quiz in Accounting. I did not finish the exam! I realized how much of a slacker I am. I just study when I am in the mood or not sleepy. Well, at least I was able to do something productive like starting with one project in my class. This lessened the load on me.

Now I feel somewhat tired but a little bit of coffee should do the trick, I hope. It’s exactly one week before the Finals and I am betting on finishing my projects early so that I could start with my studying already!

*making my AH-mazing coffee now.

Had dinner with Hana, Richmond, and Troy today…my MANAORG classmates ❤ Even though my day started a bit off, I went home with a smile on my face. My day did not get any worse after all.

Okay, so now I really really need to start on my projects so that I’d have time to study for my subjects.

Cheers to the one above!

We think life is short, when it is really long enough.

Hi guys! So I just had a random thought about life.

Yesterday, I met with a friend I haven’t seen for quite some time. I was really happy that I got to see her and fortunately, I was able to extract something valuable from our little chitchat. I really admire this friend of mine because for me, she’s one of the priceless persons you’ll ever meet in your entire life. You know that feeling that she never judges you and just wants the best for you. She is really like that. And hey, it’s possible. We’ve grown very close over the years though we don’t see each other that often.

But getting back to my point, I was inspired by the way she was doing a lot of stuff. She joined swimming lessons, studied applying makeup, and even formed a business venture with some friends of her. She said that she realized how there’s so much time that we could do what we’ve always wanted to do and try out new things. I don’t exactly remember her words to be that but it’s basically the gist of it.

We actually have a lot of time. Why do we have to think otherwise?

I realized that people often just dream about things and wait for it to happen, thinking that it will happen at the right time. But when exactly is the right time? When you’ve earned a degree? When you have enough money? Or when you have necessary resources? I believe that whatever dream it is that we have inside our hearts, we should start it doing it NOW. Whatever you’ve been itching to do all these years of existing,what perfect time to do it but now? Ask yourself,  what is it that excites you? Do it NOW. Start with it. Even if it is small at first,at least it is something than starting from scratch at the time that you think is right. No successful person ever started big. Based on news and feature articles I’ve read, successful people’s difference from us is that they had a strong desire to pursue the things they want to. They have a huge belief in their dreams and continuously improve their skills in order to be good in what it is they want to achieve.

So heads up, people. Are you just going to sit around there watching life or are you gonna live the life you’ve always wanted (with no exceptions)? Simple advice, start with it now. Don’t make your dreams wait.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also

-Matthew 6:21


I hope you end this week with a blast! Do something everyday that would help you achieve that dream of yours!